Slide breast reduction The following is a sample of photos of Dr. Jacoby's cosmetic surgical patients. Unless otherwise noted, the post-operative photographs are taken two months after surgery and as expected the scars will appear red, thick and visible. Over a period of one year these same scars will generally fade away to thin, non-pigmented and well-concealed lines. Breast Reduction breast reduction breast reduction

Large, heavy breasts often cause back pain, limit activity and lessen your quality of life. If you find that your breasts are large and heavy, creating discomfort to your shoulders, back and neck you may be a candidate for breast reduction. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also have a significant effect on the size and shape of your breasts. It is recommended that this procedure be undertaken only when breast development is complete.

During the procedure excess breast tissue and skin can be removed. The nipple and areola can be reduced in size and repositioned creating a smaller and more nicely-shaped breast mound.

The procedure requires a short general anaesthetic and in many cases can be performed as day surgery at the Kamloops Surgical Centre. Recovery is typically rapid with anticipated return to social activities within 2-4 days and return to most types of work within 10-14 days.

Before and After Gallery of Breast Reduction