Plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is not simply about physical appearance – it is about your unique goals for a better quality of life.

Whether you are considering surgery for medical reasons or for personal reasons, it is important to find a surgeon with the skill, experience and approach you can trust.

Dr. Michael Jacoby is a Canadian Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with more than 18 years’ experience.

Dr. Jacoby offers consultation and the latest surgical knowledge, techniques, equipment and products, all within the comfort of a private surgical centre in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Learn more about Dr. Jacoby and the surgical procedures he offers, view before and after photos of actual patients who chose Dr. Jacoby as their surgeon and then contact us to see how Dr. Jacoby and his staff can help you achieve your goals.

If you are considering a procedure, make an appointment to discuss your goals with Dr. Jacoby