Abdominoplasty is designed to correct the changes that often present following pregnancy or major changes in weight. This skin and soft tissue redundancy can cause physical and emotional discomfort and hinder quality of life. Dr. Jacoby performs both full and mini tummy tucks depending on the degree of soft tissue changes.

A “Tummy Tuck” is a 3-part procedure combined into one operation. The first part of the surgery involves removing the extra skin between the belly-button and pubic region and results in a well-concealed incision hidden under the “panty-line”. Dr. Jacoby will make every effort to minimize scars and to conceal them as much as possible. You will be advised at the time of your consultation which type of scar you might expect. Secondly, the abdominal “corset” muscles are tightened to improve resting muscle tone and provide a nicer profile. Finally, extra fat in the upper abdomen, sides and waist are contoured with liposuction.

This procedure requires a general anaesthetic and can be performed as day surgery at the Kamloops Surgical Centre. Recovery is typically rapid with anticipated return to social activities within 2-4 days and return to most types of work within 10-14 days.

Before and After Gallery of Tummy Tuck