We understand you have important decisions to make regarding your surgical care costs. Our office offers payment and financing options for cosmetic procedures.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Jacoby’s staff will review payment options including reputable finance companies in Canada that support patients who are planning a private surgery.

The B.C Medical Services Plan does not cover the cost of cosmetic surgery. There are some exceptions which can be reviewed in consultation with Dr. Jacoby. Some insurers or extended benefit plans may provide partial or full coverage of a procedure.

Payment Policies

All surgical procedures must be prepaid or have a suitable guarantee for payment through an insurer authorization. No credit terms are available. The following payment options are accepted and must be received prior to surgery:

  • Cash or bank-guaranteed cheque
  • Visa or MasterCard
  • Guarantee by insurer or third party suitable to management


Many of Dr. Jacoby’s patients choose to finance their surgeries through one of the following companies who specialize in medical  financing:


Toll free phone number: 1-888-689-9876


Toll free phone number: 1-888-270-9290

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